September 16th – Luke 21:28

Luke 21:28

Throughout history people have argued about the meaning and timing of the signs that would signal the soon return of Christ. But along with signs, Jesus also gave warnings about the approaching end times. First He warns us not to be misled. Many false prophets will come in His name saying, “I am He” and deceitful date setters will cry, “The time is near”.  By knowing what the Word of God says, we can be protected from wrong teachings. Next the Lord says prepare to be persecuted. Christians may experience betrayal, hatred, and death even at the hands of those we love. But we needn’t fear. For even if we lose our physical lives, we can rejoice knowing the reward of eternal life awaiting us. Finally Jesus tells us to be on guard. In patient anticipation of the glorious return of the Lord, we are to watch, pray, and most of all, guard our hearts. (Luke 21:36) I truly believe that the season of the Lord’s return is upon us. So, “straighten up and lift up your heads, because your redemption is drawing near!”