September 19th – Psalm 46:1-2

Psalm 46:1-2

Often it’s not the happy times when we feel closest to God, but the darkest. Because the storms in our lives show us just how weak we are and how desperately we need the saving grace of Jesus. A grace that provides the courage and peace no storm can shake. But that requires a deep and trusting faith. You’d think with all the disciples had witnessed with Jesus, they’d have that kind of faith. Yet when facing a raging storm, even they gave into fear and doubt with each crashing wave. The way we weather our storms reveals the depth of our faith in God. At the first sign of trouble do we fall to our knees in hopelessness and despair? Or do we fall to our knees in prayer to the Lord? Do we cry out to our Father in panic? Or  do we listen for His calming voice? God is our refuge, our safe port in every storm. And when we place our trust and faith in Jesus, we experience peace no matter what comes our way. Because just as Jesus calmed the sea and rescued the disciples, He will rescue us.