September Psalm 3:3

Psalm 3:3

In 1927 a submarine of the Navy was accidentally rammed by a Coast Guard destroyer, and quickly sunk. Heroic efforts were made to rescue six known trapped survivors. They exchanged a series of signals with the rescue force, by tapping on the hull.  As the trapped men used the last of available oxygen in the sub, they sent a morse-coded message. “Is there any hope?” That’s a question king David must have asked as well. His son Absalom was attempting to seize his throne. Forced to leave Jerusalem and flee across the Jordan river, David didn’t know friend from foe. But He did know the goodness of God. David saw firsthand the awesome might and strength of God and how He cares about the troubles of those who love Him. God fought for David, and Absalom’s armies were swept from the field. And as God was David’s mighty Shield, so He will be for us. So when the question is asked, “Is there any hope?” we as Christians can give a resounding yes!  Through faith and the glory of God, though evil surrounds us, it won’t prevail!