September 21st – Acts 13:22

Acts 13:22

Did you know the word “beloved” appears nearly 120 times throughout the Bible? It’s a word reserved for those who are adored, cherished, treasured, and greatly loved. Just as God called David beloved, so He calls us. He created each of us intentionally, purposefully, and lovingly. He calls us beautiful, valuable, wanted, and His. And unlike the world who turns away when the shine fades from our star, we never have to fear losing God. His love never falters, never fails, and never grows cold. So the next time you find the Enemy whispering lies of inadequacy in your ears, remember this. You are a child of the most high God, and heir to the kingdom. There is no Hollywood trophy, no social media following, nor worldly accolade that could compare with the value of knowing one day we will spend eternity dwelling and reigning with the Lord. So wear your crown proudly! Have a heart longing to serve God, and never forget how much you are loved!

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