September 24th – 2 peter 3:4

2 Peter 3:4

Throughout history people have denied the existence of God, and scoffed at His Word. They reject His gift of salvation calling it folly, and ridicule those who follow Him. His holy name should be spoken with reverence, fear, and love. Yet even by Christians, it’s used as a form of cursing and thrown around like just another word. And when warned of the soon return of Jesus, many fearlessly mock the message. But those who dare scoff at God and profane His name would do well to not mistake His patience for weakness. A patience stemming from His perfect love and desire that everyone would receive the chance to accept His gift of salvation. (2 Pet. 3:9 ) But make no mistake. God will not wait forever. The day of the Lord will come, and on that day all will bow before Him. (Phil. 2:10–11) Jesus is returning soon. Upon His glorious appearance, the truth will no longer be denied, scoffers will forever be silenced, and all will say, “Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name!” (Mat. 6:9)