September 27th – Luke 6:44

Luke 6:44

My childhood home had a small crab apple tree that grew in the backyard. It had thick, bushy leaves which provided perfect shade from the summer heat. And at the end of each branch dangled the most inviting apples. I’ll never forget the first time I twisted one of those apples from its stem and took a bite. Far from sweet juiciness, the taste was so sour and bitter, I spit the apple out and threw the remainder on the ground to rot. That day I learned not all trees bear good fruit. Jesus says that each of us is a fruit bearing tree. And the way in which we live our lives, meaning the decisions we make, the words we speak, and our actions towards others, determine the goodness of our fruit. A tree that produces the sweetest and most choicest of fruit, is the one whose roots run deep in God’s Word. And whose branches bravely follow the example of Jesus, reaching out in love to a starving world.