September 28th – Psalm 31:9

Psalm 31:9

Throughout the ages people have asked how a loving God could allow suffering in the world. And in the depths of my despair I too have asked that same question. How could my Father let me, His child, become broken, in pain, and filled with sorrow? But time, hindsight, and prayer have taught me that instead of asking why, I simply need to trust. Trust that no matter the suffering I endure, God always has a purpose for my pain. As long as there is sin, there will be suffering. And whether or not we know the reason behind God letting it in our lives, of this we can be certain. He will never make us suffer alone. For, “The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart” (Ps. 34:18) Not a single tear we cry goes unnoticed by our Father in heaven, who collects each and every one in His bottle. (Ps. 56:8) And if we let Him, He will be there each step of the way. Lovingly God will see us through the pain, ready, willing, and able to fill our aching hearts with peace and gladness.