Day: October 1, 2022

October 1st – Psalm 90:2

Psalm 90:2

God’s PromiseI am the everlasting God

How would you answer if someone asked, “Who is God?” Most of us would describe Him as our Heavenly Father, Savior, and Friend. And while all of that is wonderfully true, there is so much more to the Creator and Ruler of all things. The eternal “Alpha and Omega,” (Rev. 1:8) God is without beginning or end. He is the one and only Supreme Being, perfect in judgement, wisdom, and righteousness. And He alone is worthy of our worship, praise, and reverence. His promises are true, His goodness knows no bounds. And from that goodness springs forth an unmerited, unconditional, and unending love that God offers freely and joyfully to all who would accept His gift. A gift of eternal joy, peace, and fellowship. And a gift no enemy can ever steal or destroy. What awesome comfort it is to know that our Father is from everlasting to everlasting. And has called us to live an everlasting life with Him!