October 4th – 1 Peter 2:6

1 Peter 2:6

God’s Promise – If you believe in Jesus, you will not be disappointed.

When people of old built their houses, they chose for themselves only the finest of stones. The rest were cast aside as junk, good for nothing. This is how Peter describes Jesus. He was rejected, seen as no more than a useless piece of rock. But where men saw rubble, God saw His “choice and precious stone”, and the cornerstone of His spiritual house. And just as Jesus is the Living Stone, He calls us to become living stones ourselves; valuable parts of the foundation of God’s house. Christ is our “precious value”, and sacrificed all to make us His. And when others reject us or call us good for nothing, He never will. So the next time you feel unwanted or useless, remember to whom you belong. We are royalty, chosen by God to be His very own; part of a holy nation, paid for with the blood of His only begotten Son. And while the world may see us as rubble, God sees us as the bright, shining, choice and precious stones we are.