Day: October 7, 2022

A Fig Tree Can’t Produce Olives – James 3

James 3

When we think of sins that grieve God, at the top of the list usually aren’t the wrong doings we commit with our tongue. After all, how much harm is there in sharing a bit of gossip or exaggerating a little here and there. And doesn’t everyone from time to time say things that we regret? Don’t we have more important sins to worry about than the words we speak?

October 7th – Acts 17:28

Acts 17:28

God’s Promise – “Your life comes from Me because you are My offspring.”

There’s a quote which says, “All life is a breath exhaled by God. All dying is a breath inhaled by God.” Paul understood this well. And he was grieved when he found the Athenians, who prided themselves on their arts and philosophy, worshipping false idols. So in ministering to them about God, Paul appealed to them using reason, citing examples from their own Greek poets. He taught that we are all offspring of God. And as His children we live, move, and exist in Him. We live because as Creator of all things, God is the source of life. We move because as Ruler of our lives, our hearts, thoughts and actions are guided by His wisdom. We exist because God alone is the giver and taker of life. The breath of every new day is a gift given by our Creator. And, good or bad, we praise Him for each one. Because apart from God, nothing and no one can exist.