October 10th – Romans 8:1

Romans 8:1

God’s Promise – “Because of Jesus, you are free from all condemnation.”

One day each of us will stand in the court of God to be judged. But for those Jesus calls His own, no guilty verdict will be found nor penalty to pay. Why? Because once we were in chains, slaves to sin and burdened under the Law of God which we were unable to obey. But out of His great love, Jesus died to free us from that bondage. He became the perfect fulfillment of God’s Law. And His work on the Cross paid full restitution for every past, present, and future sin. As a result of Christ’s sacrifice, we are now reconciled to God and declared innocent. The pull of sin is strong, and we all struggle. Even the apostle Paul wrestled with succumbing to sin. But because Jesus loves us so much, He refuses to leave anyone in their wickedness. And so He offers to all who believe upon Him the chance to have their sins blotted out forever. To stand before God declared righteous, justified, and forgiven!