October 20th – Psalm 34:7

Psalm 34:7

God’s Promise – “My angels will surround all who fear Me.”

From His unfailing love, God never leaves us to fend off the attacks from the Enemy on our own. That’s why He dispatches ministering angels to protect His children who trust in His name. But even greater still, we have Jesus Christ encamped around us. Our great Shepherd, He’s a watchman who never sleeps, and is always there guarding, protecting, and rescuing His flock. For God promises that the eyes of the Lord are toward those who fear Him and His ears are open to their cry. He will deliver His people from their troubles, and “redeem the soul of His servants.” So let the wolves howl and the storms rage. Because as He did for His people of Israel, the Angel of the Lord has set up camp with His sheep. He goes before us as a barrier between the righteous and the evil. No wickedness can penetrate His fortress and no enemy can sneak past His watchful eyes!