October 23rd – 1 Corinthians 6:19

1 Corinthians 6:19

God’s Promise – “I have given you My Spirit, so your body could be My temple.”

Each one of us is born with a sin nature that would rather practice self indulgence than self discipline. And when the flesh wants something, the hardest word to hear is “no”. But Paul tells us as followers of Christ we have all we need to keep our urges in check. So why is self control so important? Not because Paul is a party pooper. But because he understands the destruction that comes from being slaves to our sinful desires. Desires that if acted upon, put us right back into the bondage that Jesus died to free us from. And even more importantly, Paul reminds us that we have the Holy Spirit of Almighty God dwelling inside of us. So if we truly love the Lord, we should strive to honor Him in all things; including being good caretakers of our bodies. For they are given to us by our Creator to whom they belong. And one day those same bodies will be resurrected and glorified to eternal perfection!