October 25th – Philippians 4:7

Philippians 4:7

God’s promise- “My great peace will guard your heart and thoughts in Jesus.”

Anxiety and worry go hand in hand with life. And unfortunately some people get so used to being surrounded by stress and drama, without it they feel incomplete. Sadder still, some even thrive on it. But that’s no way for Christians to live. Because God wants to fill every area of our hearts, minds, and lives with His perfect peace. So how do we receive God’s peace? First we need to believe in our minds that God is the Author of peace. Next we need to believe He will overflow us with that peace. And we do that by following Paul’s example of prayers and thanksgivings. How do we learn to pray and give thanks? By spending time in God’s Word, and applying His promises to our lives. For as we grow in our understanding of the overwhelming love our Heavenly Father has for His children, our minds can find the peace they so desperately crave. And our hearts can’t help but burst with thankfulness for all God is and does.