Day: November 1, 2022

November 1st – Romans 1:16

Romans 1:16

I’m thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ

When the apostle Paul was in Rome, he boldly, and publicly declared how he wasn’t ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. And even bolder still, he wasn’t afraid to share that gospel with others. Because not only is it a privilege to carry on the work of Jesus and share His message, as the only one true gospel it has the power to save lives. So how about you? Are you ashamed of the gospel? Before you answer, let me ask you this? I once read to live unashamed of the gospel means we proclaim it, but we also show our belief in it through our actions and how we live our life. We cannot talk the talk and not walk the walk. For that makes our testimony useless and us no better than a Pharisee. Paul’s life choices supported his message. He did not preach one thing and live another. Instead he lived a life of obedience and represented God with bravery and enthusiasm. And out of thankfulness for sacrifice of Jesus, we should do the same!