November 5th – Acts 2:38

Acts 2:38 

I am thankful for the gift of the God’s Holy Spirit 

While Jesus walked the earth, He was able to physically minister to His followers. Personally, He provided hands on strength, healing, and teaching. But soon He would return to sit at the right hand of God. And so He told the disciples, “I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever.” (John 14:26) That Helper is the Holy Spirit. A Helper not reserved for the disciples alone, but for each of us as well. For the very minute we receive Jesus Christ as our Savior, the Holy Spirit comes to indwell in us. There He begins the work of shaping and conforming us into the likeness of Jesus. And not only is He sent to help, comfort, and guide us, the Holy Spirit is also God’s seal on us. He marks us as His very own for the day of redemption. Our Father knows all too well how frail we are. So in His great love, He sent His precious Spirit to help us in all things!