November 6th – John 14:6

John 14:6

I am thankful for the way, the truth, and the life 

Today’s world is lacking in absolute truths, being replaced instead with “ my truth.” Meaning whether it be true or not, we are encouraged to believe our own reality. But truth is defined as the state or character of being true. And the One who perfectly fits that description is Jesus Christ. He is the only begotten Son of God, the light, goodness, and love. The promised Messiah and Redeemer of the world, Jesus is the one and only way to God. False religions deceitfully say there are many paths to heaven. But the way, truth, and life, comes through Jesus alone. Nothing, absolutely nothing else can provide eternal life. Because only the Lamb of God lived a sinless life dedicated to obeying His will. And it is His precious blood that provides the path to an eternity spent with God. So whoever rejects the Son, seeking another path, will be rejected by the Father.