November 7th – 1 John 4:10

1 John 4:10

I am thankful for God’s unmerited grace and love

Author Lee Wallace wrote, “Riches take wings, comforts vanish, hope withers away, but love stays with us. Love is God.” Our Father doesn’t love us because we are good, special, or worthy. In fact He knows we aren’t deserving in any way. He loves us because He is love. And it’s out of that amazing, unmerited love, that God sent His only Son to pay the sin debt that we owe. All He asks in return is that we open our hearts to Him and receive His free gift of grace. That’s it. No strings attached, no conditions to meet, no standards to reach. God loves us, and no matter how dirty, broken, or sinful we are, He wants to call us His own. He longs to pick up us, dust off the dirt, wipe away our tears, replace our sorrow with joy, and make us royalty in His kingdom forever!