November 13th – Isaiah 9:6

Isaiah 9:6

I am thankful for the many names of Jesus

Did you know in the Bible there are over 200 names and titles given to Jesus? All to express the divine glory, sinless character, and mighty position He holds as the only begotten Son of God. And oh are His names awesome! As our Wonderful Counselor, He hears our petitions, guiding us on the path we are to follow. As our Mighty God, He is our Creator and Savior who left His heavenly throne to become a sacrifice for our sins. As our everlasting Father, He never forsake or leave us, loving us perfectly, without end. And as our Prince of Peace, He came to restore our relationship with God, giving us a spiritual peace that this world can never shake. How thankful I am that Jesus was given to us as a gift of grace so that all who call Him Savior can be saved. Our Lord became everything and gave everything to give us an eternal life spent by His side!