November 14th – Matthew 9:6

Matthew 9:6

I am thankful for the healing and forgiveness given through Jesus Christ 

At its very heart, the message of the gospel is forgiveness. We are all born into sin and enemies of God. Yet because of His unequaled love, the Lord provided the way to forgiveness. When Christ came to earth, He came both as fully man and fully God. And only He has the God given authority and power to forgive and heal all who call on him as Lord. Many times before he performed healing, Jesus first forgave people of their sins. Why? Theologian Matthew Poole puts it this way. Jesus first forgave sins, because sin is the root from which all evil comes. And first and foremost, sin was the reason Jesus came. The healings He performed were beautiful, loving, miracles from a Father who loves and cares for His children. Crowds who witnessed the miracles of Jesus gave God the glory. And for the forgiveness and healing He gives to us, we too should sing praises of the glory of God!