November 17th – Revelation 14:6


I am thankful Thant God gives everyone an opportunity to receive the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ 

One of the most loving things God does is not give up on us. For He is the God of second, third, and fourth chances. So much so, He gives us ample opportunity to hear and receive the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. You’d think after the rapture, when believers are taken from the earth, God would say, “That’s it. You had a chance. Now suffer the consequences.” But our Heavenly Father wishes for none to perish. And so even during the tribulation, God sends an angel to proclaim the Good News. Everyone on the earth will hear the only message that provides eternal life. Because of His great love, God gives every person one last opportunity to choose life over death. To turn to the Lord and experience a peace, joy, and perfect love for eternity. Afterwards, there will be no more excuses other than a hardened heart. But sadly, because they love sin more than God, some will still reject the gospel, choosing death and destruction.