November 26th – Galatians 1:8

Galatians 1:8

I am thankful for the true Gospel of Jesus Christ

The adding and taking away from God’s Word is pretty serious business. So serious Paul doesn’t just tell us to stay away from those who teach a distorted gospel, he calls for a curse upon them. As fallen people with fallen hearts, we cannot fathom such a pure, perfect, and unconditional love as is God’s love. A love whose height knows no limits, and whose depth knows no end. And most wonderful of all a love not earned, but offered freely to everyone who receives Jesus as their Savior. That’s why in our human frailty people twist and turn the gospel to fit their narrative. But the true Good News is this. Once we were dead in sin, separated from our Father in heaven. But through the grace of God and the blood of His only begotten Son, we can be reconciled back to our Father in heaven forever.  Jesus Christ is the only means of salvation. This is unmerited grace. This is unmerited love. And this is the one and only true gospel!