December 9th – Mark 10:25

Mark 10:25

When some hear the parable of the rich man, they wonder why Jesus told him to give away all of his money. It wasn’t because Jesus demands us to live in poverty. But rather, the Lord was testing the heart of this man. And in doing so, revealed what the man wasn’t willing to sacrifice to follow Jesus. Some Biblical scholars believe there was an actual gate in Damascus called “The Eye Of The Needle” At night, when the city’s main gates closed, the only way to enter was through a small side gate. This small gate was narrow and only tall enough to let a person walk through. For a camel to enter, the cargo it carried had to be unloaded, and the camel had to crawl through on its knees. What a perfect analogy of the Christian life. For to truly follow Jesus and pass through the gates of heaven, we need to unload our earthly treasures and enter into His presence on our knees. Humbly submitting all to the Lord who gave all for us.