December 10th – Luke 1:45

Luke 1:45

When I think of Mary, a young girl of 12 or 13, I’m always blown away by her faith and obedience. The angel Gabriel came to her saying she would soon become pregnant by the power of the Holy Spirit. And without blinking an eye, she believed and obeyed. Because of her faithful actions, Mary received God’s great blessing of being the one to bring His precious Son into the world. We too will have times when God calls us to do something great. And our response is everything. Because our heavenly Father wants to bless us as greatly as He did Mary. And all we have to do is have the same faith as a young girl, believing and obeying. As followers of Christ, like Mary, we too are favored by God. So with the heart of Mary, be brave, faithful, and open to His calling. Because if we are, watch how God, through us, will do awesome and amazing things! Things greater than we could ever imagine.