December 12th – Luke 1:14

Luke 1:14

In ancient times, reputation was everything. And those without the blessing of children meant God’s favor had turned away from them. Zacharias had always wanted a child, but his wife Elizabeth was barren. Many assumed it was a punishment from God. But not so. For when Elizabeth was 60 years old, an angel of the Lord came to Zacharias and told him not only was his wife going to get pregnant, but it would be a boy! I’m sure there were plenty who scoffed at the thought. But when God makes a promise, we know He will always deliver! God blessed Zacharias with his son John whose great work would be to prepare the hearts of the people to receive the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ. The world can laugh and mock the promises of God. But we as Christians can rejoice. For we know each and every one will come true!