December 20th – Genesis 28:15

Genesis 28:15

When God called Jacob out of Canaan, He did so with a great promise. No matter what God would always be there, never leaving or forsaking Jacob. When God puts a dream in our hearts or a calling to step out in faith, it can be scary. Because when things don’t happen when or how we like, discouragement and self pity can set in. We can start to question God and give in to fear. But we must remember that whether we feel Him or not, God is always there. And when we put faith over fear, we can have peace. Because whatever plan God has, He will see us through from start to finish. Psalm 122:3 reminds us that our Father never slumbers, always keeping His watchful eye on us day and night. No matter what God commands us to do we can have joy and confidence knowing He has a plan for each of us. And when we put our faith in Him, the Lord with us step by step along the way!