December 21st – Romans 16:1-16

Romans 16:1-16

At the end of every movie the list of credits roll, listing the hundreds of people it took to make the film. Yet it’s always the star who gets the credit. The apostle Paul reminds us about the importance of remembering those who contribute to the ministry of the Lord. Those who aren’t necessarily in the “spotlight”, but whose work is invaluable just the same. In the eyes of the Lord no one is unimportant and as the Bible teaches us, no one is called to go it alone.  Not even Paul. There are 27 of Paul’s friends who helped him. And he takes the time to list each of them with love and adoration. As Christians we are called to step outside our own busy schedule to help one another. Not only to glorify God, but also because we don’t know what the future holds or the help we ourselves may need. So today, acknowledge and thank those who have helped you on your spiritual path. And thank God for sending them into your lives!