December 23rd – Micah 5:2

Micah 5:2

When people think about the miracles of God, they usually imagine the mighty deeds He performed through Moses. Fantastic and wondrous acts, leaving the people awestruck and amazed. And as awesome as those miracles are, often times God performs the most marvelous miracles using unremarkable people, in unremarkable places. Bethlehem, The City of David, was known for nothing more than being the birthplace of Israel’s king. A tiny city among the thousands in Judah, no one expected the greatest miracle of all to come from an insignificant city. Yet God chose such a place for the birth of the promised Messiah, Jesus Christ. And just like He did with Bethlehem, God wants to do great things through us as well. When we surrender to Him and are open to His calling, the Lord will use us to accomplish tremendous and wonderful deeds!