December 30th – Revelation 21:1

Revelation 21:1 

In the last chapters of Revelation, John reveals what is known as the “eternal state”, or the eternal destiny of believers. And the picture he paints is one of such peace, joy, and love, that I too can’t help but cry, “Maranatha!” Come Lord Jesus! John tells us the world we know, with all of its filth and pollution, is burned away by God. He creates a new heaven and a new earth, “in which righteousness dwells.” This new earth will be restored to the beauty and perfection that God originally created before the fall of man. And on this new earth, we will spend eternity with the Lord. Upon this new earth, we will live in the glorious city of the new Jerusalem. It will be a city with a foundation of precious stones, gates of giant pearls, and streets of pure gold. A city where the spectacular Shekinah glory of God will be illuminating every inch! There, where God establishes His throne, we will be with the Father and the Son forever, serving and glorifying Him in all we do!