December 31st – Matthew 9:9

Matthew 9:9

When Levi the tax collector was at his booth in the city, a man came up to him and said, “Follow Me!” Without a second thought Levi got up, walked out, and immediately began following the man. In that single moment, Levi chose to leave everything behind. He gave up his wealth, influence, and comfort without looking back. It was the best decision Levi ever made. Because that man was Jesus. And following the Lord gave to Levi a wealth many times greater than what he left behind. No longer was he known as the despised tax collector hated by his brothers. Instead Jesus gave him the new name of Matthew, meaning gift of God. And Matthew became a mighty disciple of the Lord. When we too answer the call of Jesus, one day as we stand before Him in heaven He will welcome us in joy and love, declare us innocent, and give to us a new name known only to God!