January 4th – Psalm 26:1-3

Psalm 26:1-3

It hurts when we are condemned and convicted for something we didn’t do. And trying to prove our innocence can be frustrating and futile. Because no matter how we plead, or the truth before set them, some people will never believe our faultlessness. David was falsely accused by Saul. Yet instead of taking matters into his own hands, David put his faith in God. In His steadfast love, ability to declare David innocent, and the doling out of the perfect punishment. And when we come before the Lord with a truly clear conscience and unjustly accused, we too can have that same confidence. Oh our victory might not come in the way we want, or when we want, but it will come. So the next time you find yourself falsely accused and on trial for a crime you didn’t commit, don’t go to Judge Judy, go to God. Because there is only one Lawgiver and Judge. (James 4:12) And if He calls us innocent, no one can condemn us! (Rom. 8:33-34)