January 7th – Psalm 41:12

Psalm 41:12

There is a quote that warns, “not everyone you fight is your enemy. And not everyone who helps you is your friend.” Throughout our lives we will experience hurt, betrayal, and disappointment at the hands of others. And in those moments we have a choice to make. Will that pain make us better or bitter? Better is using the hurt to grow closer to the Lord, and softening our hearts to the pain and needs of others. But bitter takes glee in retribution and seeing others misfortune. And it turns a blind eye to the suffering of another because its focus is only on self pity. We all fall short and sin daily against God. Yet from His wonderful love, He extends to us His unmerited grace and mercy. And He calls us to show that same grace and mercy. To repay evil with kindness, curses with blessings, and mistreatment with prayer. (Luke 6:27-28) And most importantly of all, if we see a need to meet that need. The way God meets all of ours.