January 8th – Psalm 56:3

Psalm 56:3

There are many fears in the world today. And while some are real, legitimate, fears, most are rooted in the lies of the Enemy. For he knows the power he wields when we are afraid. And as cunning as he is, Satan offers ample, worldly solutions to overcoming our worries. Because for every fear and phobia, there’s a book, exercise, or yoga pose hailed as a cure. Anything and everything, except the only thing, that can truly help us defeat our fear. And that’s having a close, personal, relationship with God. Our Heavenly Father cares about every aspect of our lives. He knows our hopes, dreams, fears, and doubts. And He loves us beyond measure. So much so that every tear we cry, our Father remembers. And He wants us to face each fear hand in hand with Him and in His strength. To trust Him with every worry on our hearts, and lay our fears at His feet.