January 12th – psalm 51:10

Psalm 51:10

When someone is about to tell me a story and they start with, “Don’t judge me, but,” I know they already have a conviction on their heart. For believers that conviction is coming from the Holy Spirit. It’s His way of letting us know that we’ve sinned against God. And the only way to lift the weight laid on our souls is through confession and repentance. David committed horrendous sins against God. Sins others might find unforgivable. But not God. Because of His never ending forgiveness, love, and mercy, and David’s repentance, God did just that. Not only granting David the forgiveness he sought, but reconciling him with open arms back to Himself. And God promises to do the same for us. No matter how big or small the sin, when we come before Him with a “broken spirit and a contrite heart”, confessing all our transgressions, we too will receive God’s forgiveness.