January 15th – Psalm 71:23

Psalm 71:23

The Christian life is meant to be one of joy and celebration. A celebration of all God is and His amazing, unmerited blessings. David knew this well. The psalms he wrote, no matter the subject, were songs from his heart to the heart of his beloved Creator. All in worship to the God who was his everything. No matter what he faced, David had an unquenchable inner joy. A joy stemming from his great love for God. One that put a song on his lips and made his heart burst into singing praises to the Lord. As lovers of God, we too should have a song in our heart. One that yearns to burst from our lips and sing the praises of God. For once we were dead in our sin, and enemies of the Lord. Yet from His great love, God redeemed, adopted, and provided a path to eternal life. And if that wasn’t enough, He is intimately involved in every aspect of our lives as our Father, Comforter, Provider, and Friend. Knowing all of this, how can we not have that same inner joy as David!