January 20th – Philippians 2:2

Philippians 2:2

One of the most wonderful things about the Gospel, is that it’s all inclusive. Because God loves each of us equally. And no one member of the church is more important than the next. So as members of the body of Christ, it’s important that we put ourselves aside and strive to meet the same goal in love, joy, and unity. That goal being sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ, and advancing God’s kingdom on earth. We all love a little pat on the back along with acknowledgement and appreciation. But when our own desires become our main focus, no longer are we working for God. Instead we’re working for the pleasing of our own egos. And that goes against who Jesus is and what He teaches. For Jesus lived a selfless, obedient life and then died a humiliating, excruciatingly painful death nailed to a Cross. He willingly became our substitute for sin, paying the debt that we owed. All in accordance to the will of God and out of love for us!