January 22nd – Matthew 19:24

Matthew 19:24

Some Biblical scholars believe there was an actual gate in Damascus called “The Eye Of The Needle” During the day the main gates to the city were left open. But at night, when the gates closed, the only way to enter was through a small side gate. This small “Eye Of The Needle Gate”, was narrow and only tall enough to let a person walk through. For a camel to enter, the cargo it carried had to be unloaded, and the camel had to crawl through on its knees. Whether true or not, it is the perfect analogy of the Christian life. For to truly follow Jesus and pass through the gates of heaven, we need to unload our earthly treasures and enter into His presence on our knees. Our Lord left His glorious throne along with all of the majesty and splendor of heaven, to come to earth and become the perfect fulfillment of the Law. He took on our poverty so that we in turn could receive the riches of His blessing. (Prov. 10:22) And that’s more than worth its weight in gold!