January 23rd – Luke 1:25

Luke 1:25

Year after year Elizabeth and her husband prayed for a child. And year after year their prayers went unanswered. Yet as the years passed and the waiting continued, never did Elizabeth gave up on God or on her life serving Him. Instead she continued walking in obedience and trusting in whatever plans He had for her life. And as He so loves to do, God rewarded Elizabeth’s faithfulness. At the age of around 60, she became pregnant with a son. Not just any son, but the promised messenger of God. The one who would proclaim the soon to be born Messiah and prepare the way of the Lord! (Isaiah 40:3-5Malachi 3:1) Because of her great faith and obedience God not only blessed Elizabeth with a child, through her, He fulfilled a promise made to Israel hundreds of years before her birth. Isn’t that just like God! He loves to bestow upon His children blessings far greater than we could ever imagine!