January 25th – Psalm 1

Psalm 1

We all want to be blessed by God. God wants that too. But that can’t happen if we’re rooted in the wickedness of the world, being fed by the sins of the flesh, and producing worthless, worldly fruit. The way we live our lives, not the words we speak, are the true testimonies of our hearts. And every eye is watching; especially God’s. So to receive His very best, we need to be after God’s own heart. This means uprooting ourselves from the sinful soil of this earth, being replanted on the riverbank of God’s living water. There we can be nourished day and night with His goodness and love. Our leaves will forever be lush and beautiful. And never will our tree be barren, but always produce sweet, bountiful fruit pleasing to the Lord. God warns us that walking beside the wrong crowd leads to standing with them, sitting with them, and finally taking on their lifestyle. So who is influencing you?