January 27th – Matthew 4:1

Matthew 4:1

The Bible teaches that Jesus is both fully man and fully God. And it was the flesh side of the Lord that Satan was targeting. Like us, Jesus felt hunger, loneliness, and hardship. Yet instead of those feelings leading Him to sin, the Lord stood on the Word of God to stop the enemy in His tracks. And when we too stand on God’s Word, we can have that same victory over temptation. For when we resist the devil by turning to God, the devil will run from us. (James 4:7) So why did the Enemy start a losing battle? I’m reminded of the old saying, “Give the devil his due, but don’t overpay him.” While Satan is many things, the one thing he is not, is God. That means he isn’t omniscient. He doesn’t know the future, nor has he ever. And his failed efforts show us how rebelling against the will of God only leads to failure and destruction.