February 2nd – Matthew 24:10

Matthew 24:10 

The Bible gives us many signs to look for which signal we are living in the end of days. In Matthew 24 Jesus speaks of Christians turning from their faith. And hearts once belonging to Him growing hard, dark, and cold. We live in a world more divided than together. And hate is in ample supply. Over the years through movies, television, video games, and social  media, we as a society have been desensitized. Desensitized to the value of life, goodness, truth, and love. Yet as the world grows cold, we as followers of Christ need to keep our fires burning. To turn up the heat in our hearts, not letting our passion for Jesus die out. For this world is in desperate need of the love of Jesus Christ. And as His ambassadors we need to shine with the light of His love, and radiate the warmth of His grace.