February 6th – Romans 12:20

Romans 12:20

Some people are just hard to love. Those who no matter what we do, will criticize, judge, and find fault. Yet no matter how they treat us, God is very clear. We are never to repay evil for evil. (1 Thess. 5:15) Dealing with others not as mean as they are, but rather as good as God is. For when we do, Paul tells us it’s as if we are “heaping burning coals on their head.” But far from the picture of destruction these coals paint, they aren’t meant to consume our enemies with fire. Instead our coals of love are meant to melt even the coldest and hardened of hearts. Once we were enemies of God. Yet instead of giving us what we deserved, He gave us what we didn’t. Providing His Son as a path of reconciliation so He could call us His beloved. And when we too choose compassion over revenge, sharing the grace of God with others, we show the Lord how thankful we are for the unmerited love He so generously gives to us.