February 10th – 1 John 4:7

1 John 4:7

When you think of Jesus what is the first thing that pops into your head? For me it is His love. A love that He freely and joyfully gives to all. And a love that is so strong, He laid down His life to call us His own. And I in return love Him. But Jesus wants more than our love, He wants us to love others with the same passion that we reserve for Him. Every day society bombards us with false ideas of what love is. It makes us think that love just happens to us. And we have no control. After all, “the heart wants what the heart wants” right? But the Bible teaches completely the opposite. Love is a choice we make, something we can control, and the fruit of a spirit filled life. To love the Lord means loving all that He created.  Especially those created in His image. And no more is our love for the Lord evident than when we are loving others.