February 25th – John 8:12

John 8:12

Following Jesus means no longer do we walk a path of darkness. Nor do we live for ourselves and the world. Instead all we do is for the Lord and to walk in His brilliant light. And part of walking in God’s light is letting Him shine brilliantly through us to others. We do this by practicing love, humility, mercy, and forgiveness. John had a joyful relationship with the Lord. A joy made complete by leading others to having the same kind of relationship with Jesus. We too can have joy with the Lord by leading others to the Light of the world. And how could we not? For once we experience God’s grace and love, our hearts burst to tell others about the Lord! This world grows darker every day. And now more than ever, people need to hear how they can flee the darkness and receive the Light of life. A Light that will never grow dim, nor ever be extinguished!