March 5th – Jeremiah 30:11

Jeremiah 30:11

As God’s chosen people, Israel faced some pretty big storms. And like her, we too will have times of trial and tribulation. Yet whether the Lord allows these storms because He’s trying to teach us, or like Israel, to bring us to repentance, remember this. Though you may feel lost and battered, God is always in control. And no matter what we face we can claim the same promises God gave to the exiled Jews. The Lord had Jeremiah write a book containing His blessings of deliverance and restoration. A book the people could turn to for hope while they waited for the storm to pass. God blesses us with a book as well, the Holy Bible. And in it we’ll find the same promises of hope, deliverance, and restoration. So trust God to shelter you from the storm until it passes and the sun shines again. And remember, the One who created the storm, also created the rainbow that is sure to follow.