March 8th – Psalm 27:14

Psalm 27:14

We’ve all heard it said that patience is a virtue. It’s also listed by Paul in Galatians 5:22-23 as among the fruit of the Spirit. But when it comes to times of hurting and despair, the last thing we want to do is practice patience. Instead what we want is immediate relief. That’s where faith comes in. God knows what we’re going through. And we need to trust Him enough to have patience to allow Him to work in our lives. To have faith in His perfect plan and timing. I love how John Piper says. “The folly of not waiting for God is that we forfeit the blessing of having God work for us. The evil of not waiting on God is that we oppose God’s will to exalt Himself in mercy.” Waiting on the Lord is an act of faith that requires patience and trust.  And it’s one that allows us to follow God’s plan for our lives, avoid mistakes, and experience spiritual growth and renewal.