March 9th – Matthew 5:8

Matthew 5:8

My grandmother had a little needlepoint plaque on her bathroom wall quoting Matthew 5:8. And even though I didn’t really understand what it meant to be pure of heart, I can remember wanting to be good enough to get God’s blessing. To be pure of heart means to have a genuine, sincere, and honest attitude towards ourselves and others. An attitude that not only pleases the Lord, but brings with it many blessings. Blessings including a heart free of shame and guilt, strong relationships with others, a greater sense of purpose in life, and growth in our spiritual walk with the Lord. But what being pure of heart doesn’t mean is being perfect or flawless. Instead it involves practicing humility and kindness, and being able to see the good in others, even when they have wronged us. The same way our Lord and Savior so generously and lovingly sees us.