March 10th – Matthew 5:13

Matthew 5:13

Not only a call from God, sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ is a blessing we as Christians get to have. And oh what an honor it is to experience the joy of leading another to a saving relationship with the Lord. But currently, the world in which we live is hostile to God and His teachings. Yet a world desperate for His saving grace all the same. And with the Lord’s soon return upon us, it’s important that we be the salt and light to a flavorless, rotten, and darkened society. How? To be the salt means to flavor the world with joy, love, and positive influences. While preserving and protecting what is good and right. To be the light means exposing the darkness and evil of Satan and his lies. Putting a spotlight on what is true and right. By shining our lights on God’s path to salvation, we bring the Lord’s assured hope of everlasting life to those who are lost and in despair. And how awesome is it that the Lord lets us work hand in hand with Him in growing His kingdom!