march 11th – Psalm 91:1

Psalm 91:1

Growing up my brothers had a tree fort in the woods behind our house. It was their secret place where they and their friends could go as a refuge from the world. We too have a secret place. A fortress so secure, no evil can penetrate it. And that’s dwelling in the shadow of the Lord. For He is our perfect security and refuge. His faithfulness is an impenetrable wall and our shield against all enemies. And in His presence alone can we dwell in perfect safety. This beautiful blessing we have from God isn’t  because we are good and deserve it, but because He is. And from that goodness the Lord promises to answer every plea, every call, and every cry. He will never forsake nor abandon us. Nor will He fall short or fail to show up. The Lord loves us so much, He sends His angels to guard and protect us. And because of our love for Him, in times of trouble God will not only rescue us, but set us securely in a high place of honor.