March 15th – 1 Peter 3:9

1 Peter 3:9

I love the quote, “The best revenge you can give an enemy is by showing them true love.” When someone wrongs us our first instinct is to retaliate. But when we do, we become no better than the one who acted against us. And as satisfying as it may feel to exact vengeance, it never changes the heart of the the one who hurt us it only changes ours. As followers of Jesus, revenge isn’t an option. For we are called to pronounce blessings upon those who hurt us. Betrayed by even those He loved, Jesus had every reason to get even with those who scorned Him. Yet Christ chose love over vengeance. And we are to do the same. To break the cycle of retribution, replacing it with love and forgiveness. Doing so not only brings healing and reconciliation, but blessings from God for our obedience and faithfulness.